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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

WAWW • Crafter in the Making

When I was thinking of the different days of the week that I would have a themed post, I never really decided on one for Wednesday.   I was telling my sister what I was calling the other days, and she asked me "What about Wednesdays?"  That's when we came up with WAWW.  The What About Wednesday, Wednesday.  I am going to dedicate Wednesdays as my random day, where anything that catches my fancy will be shared with you all.

For our first WAWW, I just had to share my little crafter in the making.  My craft room is also our laundry room.  It's a pretty nice size room, so on one half sits the laundry machines and the other half sits a nice kitchen table with my 60" long sewing mat atop.  Also on top of it is one of those cube shelves which hold my fabrics, papers, and all sorts of other crafting supplies.  I would share a picture, but it is so NOT organized right now!  Sometimes I get working on more than one thing, that I don't have enough room on my table.  Hence, the reason my sewing machine was on the floor.

Stella loves to follow me into that room.  Tonight the first thing she was drawn to was my sewing machine, since it was so easily accessible.  This was too cute not to share!

Stella Rose would like to show us all how to thread a machine (or should I say UNTHREAD a machine)!

I love watching her use her cute little fingers.  She just loved pulling on that thread!  

It's like she was saying, "Mama, I'm going to be one year old in a couple weeks.  I think I'm ready for this kind of stuff!"  ;)  She is so much fun!  I love this age, but I do look forward to when I can really teach her how to sew and make other fun, crafty messes!  Dada will surely love that!  ;)

Best wishes,

Eva...& Stella Rose

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