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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Turtle Tuesday • Grand Opening Giveaway Rules

Please see the newest post with the official rules of entry.  Do NOT comment on this post for the giveaway.  

It's time for the Snappee Turtle Grand Opening Giveaway Rules like I promised!

It looks like "The Stella"is in the lead for the flower Snappee of choice to be given away for the Snappee Turtle Grand Opening Giveaway!  However, I am going to extend the voting through the Labor Day weekend, so be sure to check out this post and then head over to the Snappee Turtle facebook page to vote for your favorite!

Along with the flower Snappee that receives the most votes, I will be giving away a coordinating 5 petal satin flower Snappee and a either a magnetically interchangeable satin covered headband or two magnetically interchangeable coordinating elastic headbands that are coming soon!

The Grand Opening Giveaway winner will be announced during next week's "Win It Wednesday" blog post!

1.  LIKE Snappee Turtle on Facebook
2.  FOLLOW this blog on Blogger (see the widget in the left sidebar)
3.  FOLLOW this blog on Networked Blogs (see the widget in the left side bar)
4.  FOLLOW Snappee Turtle on Twitter

Once you've done one or all of the options above, leave a comment in the comment section of this post (you don't have to have a blogger account to comment) with the following:
  • where you heard about the giveaway by stating "Coming over from..."
  • state whether you are a "new" or "existing" Facebook/Blogger/NetworkedBlog/Twitter fan.  (For those who are already a fan/follower of any of the above, you will not be entered in the giveaway if you do not leave a comment, that way I know who is actually participating).  
  • who the headband and flower Snappees would be for if you won the giveaway (if not for you, the age of the person who will receive the giveaway items)
  • your name
NOTE:  Please make sure I have your email address so I know how to contact you if you win the giveaway!
Your comment may look like this: 
"I'm a new Facebook/Blogger/NetworkedBlog/Twitter follower coming over from (insert friend's name here)'s Twitter tweet.  If I won the giveaway, I would give it to my daughter who is one.  ~Eva Taylor"
"I'm an existing Facebook & Twitter follower, new Blogger & Networked Blog follower, coming over from the Snappee Turtle facebook post.  If I won the giveaway, I would keep it for myself.  ~Eva Taylor"

Other ways to get more entries:
1.  Tag @Snappee Turtle in a Facebook post, and mention the giveaway.
2.  Mention #SnappeeTurtle and this giveaway in a tweet.
3.  For each new entry who says "coming over from (your name)'s Facebook post/share link, Twitter mention or blog" will give you an additional entry.    
Please mention in your comment that you tagged or mentioned Snappee Turtle, so I know to look for it!


A random number generator will be used to come up with the winning number.  Who that winning number is will be decided by assigning a range of numbers to each comment, depending on how many qualifying entries that person who commented had.  Numbers will be assigned starting with the first comment.

For example:
The random winning number is 11.

The first comment was from Suzie Sewsalot who is a follower on Facebook, Blogger & Networked Blogs (3 entries).  She also tagged @Snappee Turtle on Facebook (1 entry) and 2 other commenters said they were coming over from Suzie Sewsalot's Facebook post (2 entries).  Suzie would have a total of 6 entries, so she would be assigned numbers 1-6.

The second commenter was from Nora Needles who is a new Facebook fan (1 entry).  Nora would have a total of 1 entry, so she would be assigned just the number 7.

The next commenter was from Betsy Bobbin who is a follower on Blogger and Twitter (2 entries).  She also mentioned #SnappeeTurtle on Twitter (1 entry) and one other commenter said she was coming over from Betsy Bobbin's tweet on Twitter (1 entry).  Betsey would have a total of 4 entries, so she would be assigned numbers 8-11.

Besty Bobbin would be the winner with the random winning number of 11!

I hope this makes sense, and I look forward to seeing who wins!

Best regards,

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