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Monday, July 11, 2011

What I've Been Up To

Hey Friends!

I have been on creative overdrive lately, and I can't wait to introduce what this little brain has been up to!  I'm planning on officially launching my products online sometime in September, and I am also going to be participating in a "Christmas in July" party on Monday, July 25th with my fellow creative friends, Amy Cornwell and Jessica Miller.  (Be sure to check out Amy's awesome jewelry and Jessica's super cute cards!!)  It's going to be super fun, and you'll get a sneak peak at my product line before my launch.  It's on a Monday, and what better than a Markdown Monday! Of course, there will be special pricing for those who attend! I'll have some samples of items that can be preordered, as well as some other fun goodies that can be purchased and taken home that night. More details to come!

Okay, for a creations are fun and fashionable accessories for all ages.  Handcrafted by me.  Sorry guys, nothing intended for you...unless you are shopping for a special someone!  Oh, and my business name goes along with what I'll be selling.  Don't worry, I'm not selling turtles as accessories!  ;)

I'm still brainstorming ideas for my blog and the development of my future website.  For the blog, I will feature new products, share inspiration, host giveaways, and share my own tutorials, as well as some others that I come across worthy to share.  Be sure to check the blog in the future on Turtle Tuesdays for future coupons and discounts or anything else Miss Turtle would like to share!

We'll post again soon!

Eva Taylor

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