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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Win It Wednesday • And the Winner Is


SO...this is really funny to me, and I PINKY PROMISE that this was the first draw and totally RANDOM!  The reason it is funny is because Shelli and Leslie have been joking about how they were each going to beat each other in the giveaway, probably assuming that neither of them would actually win.

Here is how Rafflecopter each participant clicks "I DID THIS" when entering through the Rafflecopter form, the entry information is imported into a spreadsheet and assigned a number based on how many entries each category was worth.  For example, "Tag Snappee Turtle in a Facebook Post" was worth 2 entries and could be counted once per day.  "Like Snappee Turtle on Facebook" was worth 1 entry and could only be counted once for the whole contest.  However, Rafflecopter will allow a participant to click on the "I DID THIS" button for liking the Facebook page each time you come back to the giveaway page, so it is up to the moderator (me in this case) to manually delete entries that were not supposed to be counted twice.

After I moderated the entries, there were 45 total entries.  I clicked on "ADD A WINNER" and the winning entry was generated through random. org and came up with entry #19...Shelli Morrison.  Shelli already has "The Stella" so I added another winner to see who the next winner would be and the random number was #29...Leslie Russell!  Too funny!

Thanks to all of you who participated!  Stay tuned...there will be another  Snappee Turtle giveaway later this month!!  HINT:  NFL

Warm wishes,

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